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Our programmes are rewarded with professional qualifications from IAC, CIPS, LYCEUM and ICM which are UK, RSA and ZIM examination bodies, globally recognised. We are registered and accredited by both HRDC and BQA.

Entry Requirements: Applications should 30/+ points (BGCSE) or Certificate or Higher Certificate from BQA accredited Institution or both

Course Duration: Certificate 5/8 Months | Higher Certificate – 8 Months (Base on completion of certificate level) | Diploma 3 years | Professional Diploma 4years



Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations

Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations

Certificate in Sales and Marketing

Certificate in Accounting and Finance

Certificate in International Trade

Certificate in Travel and Tourism Hospitability

Certificate in Marketing Management

Certificate in Human Resource Management

Certificate in Public Relations

Certificate in Business and Office Administration

Higher Certificate in Marketing Management

Higher Certificate in Human Resource Management

Higher Certificate in Public Relations

Higher Certificate in Business and Office Administrator

Fleet Management

Feet Management program is a three year diploma course offered by Mega Size College on a full time basis.

                         i.        PROGRAMME DESIGN

The program relates directly to the vision and mission of the Institution.

The institution sees this program fulfilling the requirement of its mission and vision as it will enable and enhance the development of a quality focus as a result of high quality current learning material.  The service provided to the learners is of a high standard and meets all of the values as determined by the College.

                        ii.         AIM


The aim is to assist learners to develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes that is required to become effective and efficient in the field of fleet management practices.

The programme focuses on aspects of car and specialized asset fleet management, fleet outsourcing and associated matters. It also provides a professional view of how fleet managers in private and public organisations should develop and manage fleet management policies with due consideration to available fleet management systems, legislation and fleet management principles.  Learners are also exposed to business management subjects in the disciplines of finance, communication, risk management and project management.

After completion of this diploma, the learner should have the knowledge, skills and the attitude to deploy and manage all available resources in respect of car and specialized asset fleet management.

The Qualification will facilitate access to, and mobility and progression within education and training and to progress along a learning path for learners who:

·         Were previously disadvantaged or who were unable to complete their schooling and were therefore denied access to Further Education and Training.

·         Have worked in a fleet administration and/or management environment, or other related field for many years, but have not obtained a formal qualification;

·         Wish to extend their range of skills and knowledge of this field of study so that they can become competent operators in the field of fleet management.

(Year 1)
General management for Fleet Management
Fleet Management System 1
Motor Industry Market Analysis
Vehicle Selection & Procurement
Maintenance Management
(Year 2)
Business Communication for Fleet Managers
Fleet Management Outsourcing
Fleet Management Systems 2
Legislation for Fleet Managers
Year 3 
Fleet Management System 3
Short-term Rental Management
Full Maintenance Leasing
Finance and Insurance for Fleet Managers

Operations Managers                               Fleet managers

 Fleet Services Administrators                     Property Managers

Transport officers                                      Warehouse Operative

  Transport Operators                                Transport Manager

 Procurement officers etc

Be your own boss and run a successful fleet business, on join the scarce skilled cadre of fleet management specialists, enroll for a Diploma in fleet Management at Mega Size.


Public Administration

(YEAR 1) Electives 1
General Management
Business Communication
Local Government Management 1
Public Management 1
Public Personnel Management 1
(YEAR 2) Electives 2
Public Management 2
Public Personnel Management 2
Local Government Management 2
Project Management
(YEAR 3) Electives 2
Public Personnel Management 3
Public Relations
Public law
Electives for YEAR 3
Corporate Social Responsibility
Disaster Management 2
Labour Relations
[Electives available for each year]

Bsc in Procurement and Supply

Procurement & Supply is not just about buying – it also involves operations management, logistics, and project management. It’s a growing, specialist area that is a key part of any business. Procurement & Supply managers handle the majority of an organisation’s spending and they control international logistics. The programme aims to provide students with the resources, mindset and skills necessary to building a successful career in Procurement & Supply management. Our BSc in Procurement & Supply is designed to give students both solid theoretical knowledge and “hands-on” practical experience. Students will investigate the planning and management of activities involved in sourcing, procurement, conversion and logistics management activitie

This degree is designed with input from leading professionals, so you can be confident you’ll graduate with commercial skills that will unlock doors to higher level jobs and impress future employers. Students learn problem solving techniques that can be applied to both quantitative and qualitative models such as case studies, project work, business games and simulations. After graduation, our students will have mastered functionally oriented problems and the ability to work cross-functionally and inter-organisationally to improve an organisation’s performance.  

Career prospects

The Procurement & Supply profession is growing and graduates within Procurement & Supply management have a very interesting and broad job market. They can find employment in diverse areas such as purchasing, packaging, warehousing, inventory management, production, sales & operations planning, distribution, transportation, and supply chain management. They can also forge a career in manufacturing companies (all different sectors), trade and retail companies, logistics service providers, management consultancy firms, providers of logistics IS/IT, and in humanitarian organisations (UN, Red Cross, Medecins Sans Frontieres) all around the world. 

Opportunities to Gain Industry Experience

Getting that dream job is what it’s all about, so our BSc in Procurement & Supply degree has been designed to provide you with the vital skills and industrial experience needed to make you more employable.

Whether you’re interested in participating in our internship programme during your studies, undertaking a year-long work placement, or taking advantage of working with real-life companies as part of a dedicated employability module, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to help enhance your future career prospects and be well equipped to make an impression on a future employer

What you will study

You’ll study essential business modules and specialist modules. This mix of modules reflects real life, and enables you to learn about different parts of a business and how they work together. You’ll study the following modules:


Year 1

Semester 1

1. Introduction to Business Communication and Study Skills.

2.Introduction to Business Economics

3.Information Communication Technology (ICT) 

4.Introduction to Business Management

5. Introduction to Statistics.


Semester 2

1.Business Law

2.Principles of  management

3.Principles of Accounting

4. Principles of Procurement

5.Logistics Management

Year 2

Semesters 1

1. Principles of Marketing

2. Operations & Project  Management

3. Supply Chain Management & Strategy

4. Purchasing Management & Management Accounting.

5. Performance Measurement & Evaluation

6. Elective: (Choose One)

 1. Organizational Development

 2. Project management


 Semesters 2

1. Organizational Behaviour.

2.  E-Commerce

3. Purchasing & Supply Law 1

4  Global Supply Chain Management

5. Elective: (Choose One)

Management Information Systems  (MIS 200)

Leadership Development (LD200)


Year 3

Semesters 1

1. Legal Aspect of Purchasing & Supply 2

2. Corporate Strategic & Planning

3. Storage & Supply of Material

4. Systems & Quality Management

5. Elective-


Semesters 2

1.Research Methods

2.Stores,Inventory Management & Stock Control

3. Operations Research for Business

4. Strategic Supply Chain Management

5. Public Relations & Customer Care

Year 4

Semesters 1- Industrial Attachment

6 Months Industrial Attachment

1.Instructor Assessment Report

2.Supervisor Assessment Report

3.Industrial Attachment Report


Semester 2

1. Global Marketing Management.

2.Purchasing Strategies

3.Strategic & Global Sourcing  Management

4. Essentials of Entrepreneurship

5. Procure to pay

6. Undergraduate Major Project




Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply

Year 4 – CIPS Professional Diploma in Procurement & Supply
Leadership in Procumbent & Supply
Corporate & Business Strategy
Strategic Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Diligence (Optional)
Programme & Project Management (Optional)
Legal Aspects in Procurement & Supply (Optional)
Year 3 – Advanced Diploma in Procurement & Supply
Management in Procumbent & Supply
Managing Risks in Supply chains
Improving the competitiveness of supply chains
Category Management in Procurement (Optional)
Suitability in supply chains (Optional)
Operations Management in supply chains (Optional)
Year 2 – Diploma in Procurement & Supply
Contexts of Procumbent & Supply
Business Needs in Procurement & Supply
Sources in Procurement & Supply
Negotiating & Contracting In Procurement & Supply
Managing Contracts and Relationship in Procurement
Certificate Level 2
Procurement & Supply Environments
Procurement & Supply Operations
Procurement & Supply Workflow
Procurement & Supply Relationships
Inventry & Logistics
Certificate Level 1
Procurement & Supply Principles
Procurement & Supply Functions
Procurement & Supply Process
Procurement & Supply Administrations
Procurement & Supply Stakeholders